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Locations Throughout the U.S. and Able To Dispatch Overseas

National Fiber Contractors Communications through their affitliate partners have offices located throughout the United States. National Fiber Contractors can also provide its services in Canada and other international locations on a project basis. National Fiber Contractors will provide your company a quotation 7x24 technical support for all your telephone-data-network- security systems and associated network and monitoring equipment. We have the technical staff available on a standby basis to cover all your needs, from routine weekend maintenance to an Emergency System standy contract. Our 24 hour dispatch center is there to help you. 7x24 Coverage is not a standard service offering. Not all customers require, or even need it, depending on the Application.

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FAQ's Below

What Are Your Hourly Rates?

Our standard hourly Time and Material rate all our Professional Service Offerings start at $69.00 per hour. The $ 69 per hour rates are for local service that require little technical support such as repairing telephone cables or adding additional jacks. Local Discounts are offered on an individual basis, based on the Volume of the workload. We can also arrange cable pulling level 1 technical work for as little as $ 40.00 AN HOUR for large, long term projects. IT/LAN/WAN and co-location rates are slightly higher and can be negotiated.Major Metropolitan areas are priced slightly higher, depending on locational circumstances. We also have Cisco certified technicians, IT, central office and co-location installation specialists available on a contractual basis.

Telephone system service calls for Nortel, Toshiba, NEC,Panasonic and more start at $ 69 per hour and up.Please call for actual pricing which is based on the location, make and model of the phone system, scope of work and amount of technicians on site.

Do You Perform Work on a Fixed Bid or Per Location Price?

National Fiber Contractors Communications is more than happy to bid on Projects. We provide pricing for individual locations, Multiple locations, per each or per site. We also provide pricing based on individual applications. Per Cable run, Per Port, etc.

Who Provides Materials, Cable, Patch Panels, Etcetera?

We will gladly provide all material when requested.We can design-build your data-telephony network from end-to end.If you the customer supplies the materials then we have to make certain they meet all the needed EIA/TIA standards and criteria for the scope of work entailed. Additional charges will apply for any change orders that are a result of improper material ordering from the customer. When National Fiber Contractors orders the equipment, you can be assured not just a discount on the materials , but all the equipment will be ordered on time , within budget and completed on-time.

Do We Carry Spare Parts In Stock?

Some basic materials. The cost of carry that type of inventory is very high and would in long run have to be passed on the End User.

We will order, ship and install new or refurbished equipment for you on an as needed basis.

Are your Technicians Certified and Insured To Work On My Specific Equipment?

All Technicians dispatched to perform work of any kind will be certified, insured and fully trained to work on the equipment type specified on any individual request.

What Is The Warranty On Your Products and Services?

All workmanship is guaranteed for 30 days. Parts come with the Standard Manufacturer Warranty's.

What Area's Do You Cover?

National Fiber Contractors provides Professional Telecommunications Services for Voice, Video, Central Office and Data Applications in all 48 contiguous States, along with Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

Do You Provide Emergency Services On a 7x24 Basis?

For Selected Customers only. It is an additional charge.

When I Call In, Do I Have To Speak To a Specific Person, Like An Account Rep?

No, anyone here can help you with all of your Telecommunication Voice and Data Professional Service requirements.

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(855) 836-3282 or (855) 836-DATA

Or For Engineering Assistance Call (866) FIBER-21 (342-3721)


National Fiber Contractors -WEST COAST
1250 Pine Street, Suite 105
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

(925) 944-0777
Fax: (925) 262-4085

Toll Free (855) 836-DATA


National Fiber Contractors - EAST COAST
Hours: 9am-7pm-Monday-Friday 4859 Park Street North
Suite 210
ST. Petersburg, FL 33709
(855) 836-DATA or (727) 547- 2200
Fax: (866) 342-3721
Toll Free (855) 836-DATA


New Southern CA- New England Offices

New England Office



(855) 836-DATA

Fax: (866) 342-3721

or email us at

Southern CA office

1899 San Pablo Drive

San Marcos, CA 92069

Phone: (213) 455-0578 or (619) 573-4164


or email us at

East Coast Office

Phone: (866) 650-3282


Phone: (866) 650-3282

Fax: (866) 342-3721

or email us at



Call Us at (855) 836-DATA or click the chat button at the top of the page to talk to us


Northern California
1250 Pine Street
Ste 105
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone: (925) 944-0777


Southern California
1899 San Pablo Dr.
San Marcos, CA 92069
Phone: (213) 455-0578 or (619) 573-4164

Florida Offices- Located In Tampa-Bay- St.Pete, Florida

Phone:(855) 836-DATA or (727) 547- 2200
Fax: (866) 342-3721

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