Building Smart Homes

Smart Home Tecnology integrates communications, entertainment and security systems together to provide you with a more efficient way to control your home environment. By using "Smart Cable" to network your home, you can utilize the latest technology to increase the efficiency of several key components of your home. All your communications, security, entertainment and Internet access will be over one cable. Your home's resale value will also increase. Ask your realtor how adding Smart Cable is a great investment to your home. Call us tollfree at (855) 836-DATA or talk to us in live chat clicking the button below.

You can enjoy high-speed Internet access from any room in the house or teleconference from your kitchen while making breakfast for your family. Program the lights to create a "lived-in" look and check the security system via telephone while you're away on vacation. Even answer the door through the phone or monitor the nursery through your PC or TV. The possibilities are endless.

Not only do you need structured wiring for your connected home to control and share information from today's electronics and services, but also to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home network will accommodate future technologies and equipment.

Tampa Bay Cabling & Network Installation Services

It's called "Future-Proofing" your home's communication, security and entertainment needs. Smart Home Cabling integrates your computers, networks, printers, coax cable (Broadband),satellite TV, telephones, faxes, modems, ISDN, DSL, the Internet, cable modems, video conferencing, sound and security system- all on one cable.

All these electronics and services can be easily managed from one central location in a structured wiring distribution panel. Your Smart Home will add security, peace of mind, energy savings and convenience to day-to-day activities.

"Consider just some of the many applications of structured wiring"
  • Video-on-demand
  • Interactive video games
  • Intelligent lighting systems
  • Security alert
  • Remote dial-in
  • Simultaneous Web surfing
  • Internet access
  • Integrated phone systems
  • Home office Interactive audio
  • Digital TV
  • Child monitoring
  • Electronic shopping
  • Networked PC's
  • Electronic banking & much more

Smart Home networking also increases the value of your home because it is equipped to operate today's digital electronics and will keep pace with ever-changing technology.